Unquiet Earth

Τhe film explores the landscape of human resistance. Following the 2007 crisis, a group of neighbors in the working class area of Granada transformed a dumping ground at the edge of the city into a physical product of resistance. The orchard- located within a ravine 10km away from the mass graves of the Spanish civil war where Garcia Lorca was murdered- is a free space where marginalized people turn the earth every day: a place where there is order without politics and faith without religion. The film follows Antonio, Santiago and Oscar, three friends rooted deeply inside that soil from where they are able to re-imagine their lives and challenge the practical limitations of their social and historical circumstances.

Chiara Ambrosio

Chiara Ambrosio is a London-based filmmaker and visual artist, working with animation, experimental film, documentary and sound to explore the ways in which we perceive, remember, articulate and preserve personal and collective histories and place through the filter of memory and the imagination.

Caterina Pasqualino

Caterina Pasqualino is an anthropologist whose research within the realm of Gypsy flamenco for the past twenty years has culminated in her seminal book Flamenco Gitan. Her interest in performance and ritual and their relationships with experimental film—explored in the book she co-edited with Arnd Schneider, Experimental Film and Anthropology—has led her to begin exploring her practice through the language of experimental film.