Unity Through Culture

Soanin Kilangit is determined to unite the people and attract international tourism through the revival of culture on Baluan Island in the South Pacific. He organizes the largest cultural festival ever held on the island, but some traditional leaders argue that Baluan never had culture and that culture comes from the white man and is now destroying their old tradition. Others, however, take the festival as a welcome opportunity to revolt against ’70 years of cultural oppression’ by Christianity. A struggle to define the past, present and future of Baluan culture erupts to the sound of thundering log drum rhythms.

Christian Suhr

Christian Suhr is the editor of the book “”Transcultural Montage”” (2013) and the director of the award-winning films “”Unity Through Culture”” (2011), “”Ngat is Dead”” (2009), as well as “”Want a Camel, Yes?”” (2005). He is the author of a number of articles dealing with visual anthropology, spirit possession, and psychiatry.