Undercover in Underwear

Undercover in Underwear is an auto-ethnographic short film that incites reflection around desire, desirability, and new ways of understanding entrepreneurship in digital adult entertainment. The Internet provides an infinite place of freedom where self, mind and body are dislocated. We are able to reinvent and present ourselves the way we want. It is in this world that Circle, the filmmakers alter ego, was born. This film is the result of a journey, exploring and embracing desire, while reflecting on representations of female sexuality in the era of the Web 2.0. The film shows different points of view at play: the viewer, the performer, the audience and the anthropologist, in an attempt to abolish stereotypes.

Diane Agatha

Diane Agatha is a visual anthropologist making film and video work that emerge from the intersections between art and anthropology. She studied Gender Studies, Media Sociology and Anthropology between Switzerland and Germany, and completed her MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University in London.