The Lost Land

Tatiana and Sergey came to this place when more than two thousand people lived in this village. There was a school, a hospital, a movie theater. There were jobs. Now, they are the last inhabitants of the village on Chukotka. This village suffered the same fate as many other villages in Russia. Of course no one drove people out of their apartments, nobody asked them to move to the “mainland”. It’s just that electricity and water were turned off. Soon, Canadians will come here. They will mine their minerals, live in their village, maybe even in their apartment. The film touches on what’s going on in the easternmost settlement in Russia and in the entire territory of Russia.

Daria Fedyaeva

Daria Fedyaeva was born in 1992 in Omsk. She graduated from the Faculty of Culture and Arts of the Omsk State University in 2015, her major being in Cinema, Photography, Video Creativity. During her studies she directed and shot four educational film. She has participated in various film festivals. Since 2013, she has been working in «Films at work». During this time as a director and camera operator, she participated in the shooting and editing of projects for the First Channel and “Russia-2”, the largest Russian companies.