Tales and Myths on the Back of the Centaur

Folk tales have made a long journey in time, in order to meet the 21st century people. With the Narration Festival as its starting point, the film attempts to connect the beauty of a landscape with the wisdom of the timeless and placeless feature of storytelling. The feedback from the residents and visitors, the organizers and the audience, in combination with the artistic influence and inspiration of the oral folk tale, as well as its scientific value, is depicted in this brief chronicle, which wishes to create an original offer of culture and communication.

Fotini Stefani

Fotini Stefani has studied Social Anthropology at Panteion University and has completed postgraduate studies in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester, England. She has worked for various organisations bringing to life social programmes co-financed by the European Union, while at the same time working on documentaries. “Tales and Myths on the Back of the Centaur” is her fourth film.

Dimitris Prousalis

Dimitris Prousalis studied teacher education, library science, folklore studies and special education. He’s currently working as a public school teacher and has been collecting, documenting, studying and analysing folk tales since 1999. He has worked on editions, publications and conference motions about folk tales. He has also co-ordinated workshops and seminars, and taken part in scientific conferences in Greece and abroad.