Searcy County

“I’m a Northerner, a Boston-bred Jew.But, somewhere along the way, Arkansas became my second home.
I’ve spent years living in Arkansas, and this little Arkansas County now feels very familiar to me. I have passed this livestock auction house many times – it’s just off of the county’s one traffic light – and I had always wanted to film it. One day, I finally brought my camera and… well, I just hope I created a piece that is respectful and honest, a view into a little-known world through the eyes of an outsider.”

Noam Osband

An anthropologist and filmmaker, Noam’s prior work includes co-producing, co-editing, and filming “”Sobresalir””, a documentary about immigrant parents’ navigating the American public school system. His first feature length documentary, “”Adelante””, about Mexican immigration to a historically Irish Catholic church outside of Philadelphia, will air later this year on both PBS and Mexican television. “”Searcy County”” has screened at over ten festivals worldwide.