“Rembetiko” is a Ministry of Culture & Sports production, realised for the documentation of this musical genre’s nomination folder for the UNESCO Catalogue of Representative Works (Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO, 2003). The film is a short story about the ways in which rembetiko, 100 years after it first appeared, remains popular both in Greece and abroad, particularly among the young. It attempts to depict its oral dissemination from the last representatives of the previous generation to the younger musicians, as well as the systematic teaching of it in music schools and universities.

Thanassis Papakostas

Thanasis Papakostas has directed movies, documentaries and TV series of, primarily, sociopolitical and historical content. His feature-length movies “On the Horn of the Bull” (2007) and “Radio Loft” (2016) were screened in Thessaloniki film festival. His directorial style has constituted the trademark of well-known Greek TV series such as “Exantas”, “From Freud to the Internet”, “History and Histories”, “Front Pages of History” and “The Parliamentarians”.