Other Europe

What happens to African migrants once they’re granted political refugee status? Which challenges will they need to face, and what are their prospects for a decent livelihood in Italy? In Turin, an abandoned clinic has been squatted by more than 200 refugees since December 2008. All of them are legal.
Three emblematic characters guide us through a story that reveals, with its intimate look, a collective history, a symbolic tale about all European countries today, their immigration policies and the changes the social fabric of European cities is undergoing.

Rossella Schillaci

Rossella Schillaci earned a MA in Visual Anthropology and Documentary Direction at the University of Manchester (U.K.). In 2009 she was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus. She produced and directed several documentaries for RAI and Sky. Her last three documentaries have been awarded in many international film festivals, including the Jean Rouch Film Festival of Paris, the Prize for Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage of RAI, the Turin Film Festival.