Not All Plants Dye

Εleni Anipsitaki-Daouraki, teacher, folklorist and founder of the Folklore Museum of Sitia, talks about dyeing, the technique of fast coloring of yarns with natural colors. In this short interview, the last she gave before her death in 2009, she culminates her donation to the Cretan open-air Museum “Lychnostatis”. The Museum “Lychnostatis” has since then created in her memory and implemented the educational program “Colors & graces”.

Yannis Markakis

Director of the Cretan open-air Museum “LYCHNOSTATIS” (1992 -2015), National Correspondent of European Museum Forum (2014 -),Vice-chairman of International Committee for Regional Museums (ICR / ICOM) (2010-2013). He studied Lαw in Athens University (1983-1991), Cinema History & Reviewing in the University of Crete (1992 – post-graduate studies not completed) and Cultural Management in the Greek Free University (2013 –). Author of 2 books: “Feast with the Bees” (educational tale -2004), “Image Subscriber” (poetry – 2005), and film director of 6 short films (1998-2010).