Last Pioneers

In former Yugoslavia, kids were initiated in the pioneer movement under the Federation’s ideal of “Unity and Brotherhood”. In the 90’s other values entered the newly independent Republic of Slovenia. How was this transition felt by the last generation of pioneers? With an approach on memory, the film reconstructs the ritual of becoming a pioneer, mixing interviews, archive footage and the ritual’s culture as clothes, leaflets, songs and vows. While the last pioneers recall their times in former Yugoslavia, they’re also analysing the situation in contemporary Slovenia. The film focuses on “yugonostalgia”, rise of capitalism, nation building, memory and ritual.

Daniela Rodrigues

Daniela Rodrigues is an anthropologist from Portugal. She is interested in material culture and memory, as well as depicting reality through ethnographic research, documentary film and sketching. She is currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology, focusing on Material Culture and Portuguese migration.