For more than a century, many Romani communities have settled in the interior of Portugal, abandoning their traditional nomadic lifestyle for a permanent residence around the region’s rural villages and small cities. Julia is the matriarch of one of the three communities living in the urban-area of the city of Abrantes, leader of a household of 15 and of the only community to live inside the city. In this film that combines photography and video, the Matriarch revisits some episodes of her life while approaching how Romani traditions and lifestyle try to adjust to the present days, increasingly distant from a closed, restricted past.

Pedro Branco

Pedro Branco was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where he completed his degree in Anthropology and his post-grad in Visual and Digital Cultures. He now lives in Berlin, where he worked at the Mediacenter of the Institut for Latin-American Studies of the Freie Universitat Berlin and currently studies Editing/Montage at a Film School while researching on new visual projects to develop.