The story of this film begins the moment the artist and his work forever become independent. Gorriarena dies, and his work starts to exist without the author’s presence to explain it, replace it or modify it. The mounting of an exhibition is the excuse to explore the material and ideological decisions that coexist in the work of an artist. The film explores some of those decisions and results, trying to see what acts of love, trust, order, or greed it arouses, and in the process attempts to find the path of the painter and maybe, just maybe, the one closer to the truth. A truth that is expressed through colour, critical and sarcastic realism, the ironic complaint and a strong resistance to being “accused” of being a social and political painter.

Carmen Guarini

Carmen Guarini is a filmmaker and anthropologist. She received her doctorate in Film Studies from the University of Nanterre, France, specializing in Anthropological Cinema under the direction of Jean Rouch (1988). She is a CONICET Researcher and a professor at the University of Buenos Aires. In 1986, together with Marcelo Céspedes, she founded Cine Ojo, the most important production company in Argentina exclusively dedicated to the creation of documentary film. In 2001, they created the Doc Buenos Aires Forum for Documentary Production.