Feeling of a Home

In 2016, an old lady from Idomeni, a small greek village on the Greek-Macedonian border, remembers stories about locals who crossed the borderline and never came back. At the same time, the border is sealed closing the route to thousands of refugees trying to reach Northern Europe, and a settlement of 15.000 people has been built right next to the village. While the old lady’s narrations reconstruct the History of the border, some Palestinians from Syria living in the settlement, decide to set up a kindergarten instead of just passively wait for the border to open. In this way, they create relationships that allow them to exist in the present, to envision the future and to create conditions that bring them closer to a feeling of a home.

Io Chaviara

Io Chaviara is a visual artist. She has taken place in international exhibitions she has been co-curating workshops and documentary festivals in Athens and Beirut. Her artworks consist of essays, lectures performances, installations, curating projects and documentaries.

Michalis Kastanidis

Michalis Kastanidis is a film-maker and co-founder of Fabula Productions based in Athens, Greece. He has studied Visual Anthropology and ethnographic film in Barcelona (UB).