Division Avenue

“Division Avenue” is a short documentary film about one of the most prominent, yet often ignored landmarks of New York, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Build on fieldwork in the neighborhood of Los Sures, Williamsburg, the film revolves around urban planning and the historical impact of the highway construction on the neighborhood. The film examines the architecture and fabric of the BQE through poetic imagery and experimental ambient sound recordings that present the constant presence of the expressway. In varied, personal and impersonal imagery of the road and people alongside it –at times haunting and hallucinatory, hypnotic and dreamlike – it invites the audience to encounter urban landscape in a unique and curious way.

Anne-Katrine Hansen

Anne-Katrine Hansen is a documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist with an MA in visual anthropology. She is interested in how people acquire and express knowledge and make meaning of their experiences. Her films often explore the sensory realms.

Janna Kyllästinen

Janna Kyllästinen is a documentary filmmaker and editor with an MA in Political History from the University of Helsinki. In her films, she combines her desire to tell true stories with a distinct sensitivity for the psychological and the emotional.