Born to Break

What does it mean to be a breaker? The emotions and perceptions of bboys (break boys) and bgirls (break girls), through a brief tour of the contemporary breaking scene of Attica and the narratives of the diverse individuals and groups who express themselves in this dance form.

Fotini Stefani

Fotini Stefani has studied Social Anthropology at Panteion University and has completed postgraduate studies in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester, England. She has worked for various organisations bringing to life social programmes co-financed by the European Union, while at the same time working on documentaries. “Tales and Myths on the Back of the Centaur” is her fourth film.

Natalia Koutsougera

Natalie Koutsougera is a phd student in social anthropology at Panteion University. Her research interests revolve around the scientific issues of urban space, youth cultures, entertainment, gender and dance. She lives and works as a sociologist/anthropologist in Athens.