Stephanos Papadas (audiovisual artist), Andri Tsiouti (architect), Michalis Charalambous (visual artist) and Gorges Stylianou (audiovisual artist) collaborated on “Anamones”, a documentary which examines the sociological aspect of the rusty starter bars sticking out of the rooftops for “future use”. Though a majority of those bars never fulfill the initial purpose for which they were destined, their existence has been always taken for granted in a way that they go unnoticed nowadays. Their technical definition in Greek terminology [“anamones”/αναμονές] leads to questions related to family links and relationships within the small Cypriot society, where parents wish to ensure a future shelter for their children on top of their own house.

Stephanos Papadas

Stefanos Papadas is an audiovisual artist whose work focuses on video-art, installations, photography and directing. For “Anamones”, he worked with Andri Tsiouti, an architect whose work focuses on matters of memory, landscape, cultural heritage and artistic studies with social extensions, Michael Charalambous, a visual artist who investigates poetic narratives in the urban and natural context, and George Stylianou, an audiovisual artist aiming to accomplish his artistic visions by using music and sound.