Yenendi, the Men who Make the Rain

The ritual ceremony of Yenendi, the rain feast, starts at the Songhay of the Simiri village, in Niger. One by one, the spirits mount their horses: the spirit of the wind, the goddess of the land, the rainbow, the master of thunderbolt, the master of the lightning and the master of the rain. Afterwards, the people will know if the season will go well and the harvests will be rich.

Jean Rouch

Jean Rouch is one of the most important anthropologists and representatives of ethnographic cinema, who also contributed greatly to the evolution of the French New Wave and cinéma vérité. With his richly varied work, the greater part of which was filmed in Africa, he broadened the ethnographic documentary’s horizons and set the foundation for the creation of ethnofiction, which blurred the boundaries between documentary and fiction.