Working Dancers

In Buenos Aires a group of acclaimed dancers create the first Contemporary National Company of Dance under their collective leadership. This is the story of four talented dancers, Ernesto, Bettina, Victoria and Pablo, along six years of their journey. They expose their dreams and contradictions as dancers, individuals and members of a Company that is founded on collective decision-making. We follow their lives, we attend their rehearsals and performances in the emblematic National Library building as well as their premiere and backstage in the historical National Theatre of Cervantes. We observe the fulfillment of the entire dance community’s biggest dream: the public demand for a National Dance Law.

Konstantina Bousmpoura

Konstantina Bousmpoura studied Social Anthropology at the University of Seville and Economic Science at the Athens University of Economics. She holds a Diploma of Latin American Studies from the University of Salamanca. She works in research, direction and production of ethnographic documentaries in Buenos Aires, Seville and Athens since 2007.

Julia Martinez Heimann

Julia Martinez Heimann studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires and she holds a Diploma in Social Anthropology from the Latin American School of Social Sciences. She works in public education and in direction and production of documentaries and cultural series for cinema and television in Buenos Aires since 2009.