Why is Mr W. Laughing?

Mr W. is a man who loves to laugh. He and his friends, Mr K. and Mr G., are members of a community project of artists with different disabilities. Instead of interpreting art as an escape fantasy from normative society like most neurotypical artists, these artists see art as a vehicle to build a community. What seems like a utopian society where artists cooperate instead of compete, works subversively serene in practice. This collaborative portrait was co-written, co-directed and co-shot with its three protagonists and their own video cameras.

Jana Papenbroock

Jana Papenbroock works as a filmmaker, videographer and writer. She grew up in New York and studied art and film with a focus on documentary and experimental modes of practice in Paris, Hamburg and Cologne, where she received her art’s degree with honors at the  Academy of Media Arts Cologne. She is currently based in Berlin. Her videos and films have been screened and awarded in galleries, exhibition spaces and film festivals around the world. She also works as a playwright and especially enjoys collaborating with other artists like Julia Holter, Scott Cazan, The Shlumpers (a Hamburg based atelier community of artists with disabilities), the Azdar Theatre Collective from Kabul and many more on unlikely and Sisyphean projects.