Urban Nomad

A look at the city through the eyes of one of its drifters. Kokos’ daily routine walk offers a structure to the film, which in turn offers us, the observer, a unique insight both into the world of Kokos as well as the city of Nicosia its self. We follow this urban nomad through Nicosia, observing his relationship with the city. Ten years after it was shot, the film has a secondary function of documenting the streets and buildings of Nicosia. Buildings that no longer exist, like the Nicosia general hospital, to entire streets that have now been demolished.

Orestis Lambrou

Orestis Lambrou is a photographer and filmmaker based in London and Nicosia, working with still photography and moving image. He studied at Goldsmiths, University of London and the University Collage for the Creative Arts in Surrey, England. He documents urban spaces from an anthropocentric point of view.