Tuning Into the Verge

Yusuf Özdemir is a Kurdish refugee who escaped to Greece from Turkey in 1983, after the coup d’état. Although he is not entitled to vote in Greece and banned from his country of origin, he has different methods of politics compared to the ones of July 2019 election campaign in Greece. This essay film projects the electoral climate in Athens, simultaneously, explores the daily life resistance from the eyes of a man, who struggles to restore his freedom while paying the price of his identity through political, social and personal accounts, yet managed to alter the constructed domination order to empower himself and his surroundings who are on the edge or midst of subordination. This is the story of a chord tuning itself into the verge, abolishing it by becoming one with it.

Sabine Harmes

After her degree in Industrial Design Engineering, she initiated a social project in the slums of Brazil and Nicaragua where she worked for 10 years. A Cultural Center where young people from around the world, together with local youth, co-created their dreams. Back in the Netherlands, she’s doing a Master in International Development Studies and working as a Designer in Innovative Education, teaching videography a.o. Her first film debut in 2017 was part of the theatre production WAAN where she visualized her psychosis to create awareness around psychiatric disorders.

Inga Padurari

In 2018, she graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts de l’Image “ESA le 75” in Brussels. During her studies, she developed a practice of photographic film and documentary style. Her artistic work most often takes the form of reportage and her focus is on social issues, particularly those related to immigration. Since 2015, she has been developing a long-term project through frequently visiting her native country, Moldova, researching the notion of belonging to a territory whilst questioning the socio-economic situation of the country. She currently lives and works in Brussels.

İrem Aydemir

She was born in Hatay, Turkey. She participated in journalism and civil society activities in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. She produced works on minorities, migration, Turkish-EU relations, Cyprus, Israel/Palestine, climate change, and cultural heritage. Currently, she is writing her MA Middle Eastern Studies thesis at Lund University/Sweden, on cultural resistance through a theatre in a Palestinian refugee camp, based on ethnographic fieldwork. She continues to create content to decode Mediterranean narratives.