Transition Blu

Brenner/Brennero: an ancient village on an ancient path between north and south embodies in its geography the opposing desires between those who are passing by and those who are forced to stay. Stuck between an outsized shopping mall, forested mountains and windy highways, this shrinking, lost village on the invisible borderline between Italy and Austria seems facing an eternal time of change and elusiveness. This strong influence of changing, the violence of the surrounding nature and the passing of male passengers are constantly shaping this place’s aura of absurdity and sadness.

Dorothea Braun

Dorothea Braun was born in Eberbach/Neckar in 1984. She studied Εuropean Εthnology at Philipps-University Marburg and directing at ZeLIG School for Documentary in Bolzano/Itlay. Currently she is working on different documentary projects.