Trans X Istanbul

Thousands of Trans*Women live in the big cities of Turkey. Crimes against Trans*Women are mostly not investigated. Ebru, a Trans*Woman from Istanbul, fights against the displacement and murder of her companions. She wants to change Turkish society with humour, self-irony and political acumen. She meets Margarethe, a 85-year-old German retired nurse and establishes with her an retirement home for Trans*. The film shows how hate crime works as a system. Urban transformation of Istanbul and the protests around the Gezi Park in 2013 resonate throughout the film.

Maria Binder

She works as an author, documentary filmmaker and human rights activist. She develops concepts for education and training programmes and cultural events. İn her artistic work she realised several documentaries on the issues of human rights, women rights, gender and racism. She studied sociology and video arts at the Free University Berlin and the University of Arts in Berlin.