Toku Fenua

“Toku Fenua” takes us on an extraordinary journey into the South Pacific and offers a glimpse of life on the remote island of Niulakita (Tuvalu). Niulakita is the smallest, most isolated inhabited island in the world with only 47 Tuvaluans living on 0,4 square kilometers. The director spent several months on this island doing anthropological fieldwork. “Toku Fenua” lets us closely participate in the daily routines of three islanders; their dreams and concerns. It also shows the problems that people in such a harsh environment are exposed to.

Martin Zinggl

Martin Zinggl, born in 1983 in Vienna, Austria, studied Social and Cultural Anthropology and journalism. He resides as an author and film maker in Vienna and Barcelona, and is currently working on the publication of his first (non-scientific) book about Tuvalu.