The Retirement of Mr. And Mrs. Zhang

How do an elderly Beijing couple who served in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army since the early 1940s, reflect on their tumultuous national and personal histories? “The Retirement of Mr and Mrs Zhang” is a documentary that examines aging, nationalism and the confrontation between revolutionary idealism and contemporary realities in a dynamically changing China. This portrait of the filmmaker’s grandparents includes an honest account of a forced suicide attempt during the Cultural Revolution.

Zhang Mo

Zhang Mo (Libbie Cohn) studied political philosophy and architecture at Yale University. She has lived and traveled in China since her infancy. Her first film, “”People’s Park”” (2012), co-directed with anthropologist and filmmaker JP Sniadecki, has shown in more than a dozen countries and won the award for the Best Ethno-Anthropological Film at the 2012 Festival dei Popoli.