The Mirror Bride

Pomacs live in the mountain scenery of Rodopi in Greece and Bulgaria. Throughout history, Pomacs became targets of violence with an ultimate purpose to change their language religion and physiognomy. But there is a custom, so well kept that survived through the ages. Τhe matrimony custom is still followed in a small village in Bulgaria. One of the most interesting characteristics of this peculiar wedding ceremony is the bride’s make-up. It takes numerous hours and at the end she looks like she is wearing a white mask with beads and tinsels. Through all the process she holds a mirror in her hand. She will stand outside her house, next to the groom, with her eyes closed, holding the mirror, while the entire village is watching.

Despina Pantazi

She was born in 1953 in Thessaloniki. She was already directed more than 250 documentaries. She is both a director and a writer. In 2010 she was awarded for the
documentary “The Mirror Bride” with the Special Award for the promotion of the customs in folk culture by the International Movie & Culture Festival of Patras In 1996 she was awarded by Thessalonika Documentary Festival for her two documentaries “Pomacs” and “Vlahi”.