The Houses We Were

The first fifty years of the Low-Income Housing Institute created a veritable “city within a city” to deal with what has been and still remains “the main and persistent problem of Rome”: housing. But what is this city made of? Who gets left out? And why does every witness to the changes of Rome (urbanization, decentralization, expansion) continue to state “I don’t understand this city”? What are the needs of the marginalized? The “unlucky but essential”? The needs from 1948 to 2018 that still need expressing? That must yet be shouted from the rooftops? The archives respond. The archives reassert.

Arianna Lodeserto

Born in South East Italy, I grew up in Rome, where I live most of the time after years of wandering. Graduated in Aesthetics, I got an international PhD at La Sorbonne and I did postdoctoral researches at Paris IV (La Sorbonne), École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais and LIRA (Laboratoire International de Recherches en Arts, Sorbonne Nouvelle). I studied analogue photography in a public school of Rome, editing at Suger Lycée des Métiers de L’image et du Son and documentary writing at ENS Louis-Lumière (Cité du Cinéma, Paris). Often exploring different media, I am passionate about urbanism, third landscape, found footage.