The Girls are Here

This film explores ways transnational hip-hop and competition dance styles are embodied by female street dancers in contemporary Greece. The film captures the everyday lives of two young girls who practice freestyle hip-hop, popping, locking, waacking and house dance in Athens. Moments of their friendship and their relationship with male hip-hop dancers and members of their crews are graphically portrayed and narrated. The camera follows them through different activities ranging from teaching, practicing, travelling, preparing and participating in hip-hop dance competitions, street shows and events. Above all, the film unravels aspects and perceptions of their femininity and gender identity in a male-dominated hip-hop dance scene and the role that street dance plays in the production of sisterhood, female affectivity, team and street spirit.

Natalia Koutsougera

Natalie Koutsougera is a phd student in social anthropology at Panteion University. Her research interests revolve around the scientific issues of urban space, youth cultures, entertainment, gender and dance. She lives and works as a sociologist/anthropologist in Athens.