The Coop

A young Cypriot named Polis commutes to a village in order to finish the building of a small construction in the backyard of a small house. During the time of his stay, Polis will relate with the owner, Mr. Andreas, in unexpected ways. Due to a series of incidents Polis is introduced to new knowledge and perceptions that will eventually help him to realize and claim his conditions of existence. Just like the film in itself, Polis is moving on equilibrium between reality and fiction and between allegory and literality. The Coop, beyond its identity as a recording of Cyprus’ temporal and spatial contemporary realities, is an idiosyncratic attempt to approach the islands’ historical movement.

Yiannis Zouris

Yiannis Zouris was born in Nicosia in 1982. He studied Political Sciences and History, Cultural and Media Studies in Athens (GR), Norwich (UK) and Leiden (NL). He shares his time between the Netherlands and Cyprus where he works as a photographer and filmmaker. In both his still and motion work, either documentary or fiction, Yiannis’ work explores the human condition in demarcated spatial and socio-temporal environments.