The Bride of the Nile

A tragedy is playing out in a village in the Nile Delta. Heba loves Ahmed, to whom she has been engaged for three years. But one day, she finds herself betrothed to a stranger. Her uncle, who lives in France, returns and tries to intervene, violently slamming into a brick wall of tradition, family ambitions, rigid social conventions and a general air of resignation. Filmed in 2013 while Egypt was led by the Muslim Brotherhood, La fiancée du Nil is a direct and wrenching descent into a personal tragedy experienced by so many young women today and the deep confusion of an Egypt in crisis.

Edouard Mills-Affif

Edouard Mills-Affif is a documentary filmmaker and he has directed about fifteen films. He is also a lecturer at Paris-Diderot University (Paris 7), in the department of Humanities, Art and Cinema, and has a PhD in History. In 2002, he won the prize “Research on Television“.