The Bed Factory

Andreas is the owner of a cinema in Koukaki. His family has been living in the Athenian neighbourhood for three generations. Today, however, he fears he will have to move out of the area. Because of the short-term rental boom, housing prices have doubled in the last three years, and Andreas’ family cannot afford them anymore. A few steps away from his home lives Homer, who has recently moved to Greece. Young and dynamic, in 2014 he had sensed the opportunity to start a new business, providing landlords and companies with management of their Airbnb listings. The life-stories of the two neighbours mirror Koukaki’s transition from a residential area into one of the most touristified ones in Athens. Through a narration of Koukaki’s modern history and two interviews, the film documents the transfiguration of the neighbourhood, while giving a voice to the protagonists of this metamorphosis.

Clara Polistena

Clara Polistena, originally from Italy, is a Sociologist and Documentarist. She has moved to Athens in 2018, after graduating in Mediterranean Social Studies with a thesis on intra- African student migrations. She also has a BA in Arabic Literature and Language. In Greece she has followed a journalism educational programme and inaugurated her profession as filmmaker with her first work, The Bed Factory.