The Authenticity

Authenticity is a term that is crucial to touristic destinations. It is something that tourists are keen to experience. But what is authenticity? Does it lie around us? In this film, I try to discover what is the authenticity of Athens. By walking on the streets around Acropolis and interacting with unsuspected fellow tourists, I engaged in a search to understand what Athenian authenticity is in the touristic perspective. The purpose of this film is not to make fun of tourists or portrait them as ignorant people. The film conveys that authenticity is a personal feeling and that tourists are actively taking part in the maintenance and legitimisation of authentic places.

Rodrigo Machado

Rodrigo Machado comes from Brazil and currently studing in Wageningen University and Leiden University, both in the Netherlands. He has a great interest in studying tourism thinking that is a fascinating topic for visual anthropology. The Authenti-city is his first short film where he tried to mix tourism with ethnography. The idea of making this film came from the difficult to find visual anthropological productions about tourism. As an anthropology student, he hopes to create moments where we can reflect on our practices when we interact with the others and their places.