Tetuán is a diverse, asymmetric and intercultural district of Madrid, Spain. There is unevenness in its topography and inequality among its people, small houses that survive in the shadow of glass and steel towers. The documentary “Tetuaneros” emerges in this labyrinth of narrow streets where a melting pot of different generations, origins and colors beats. “Tetuaneros” was born in 2013 in an abandoned lot -one of many- that mark the district of Tetouan in Madrid. On this site, occupied by cars, garbage and neglect, incredible things are about to happen. And while that transformation takes place, which we follow closely for five years, the camera of “Tetuaneros” roams the neighborhood hand in hand with its neighbors. “Tetuaneros” is a vital kaleidoscope, a neighborhood documentary and a butterfly effect. Because sometimes a small change can change everything.

Verónica Pérez Granado

After graduating in Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, Verónica Pérez Granado (Madrid, Spain, 1971) studied the El Pais Master’s Degree and professional photography at EFTI. In these years Verónica has worked in radio, TV and written press, has collaborated with producers, magazines and publishers. She has been an editor, production coordinator and screenwriter. She has directed the corporate videos “Un día en Casa de Sorolla” (2016), “Madrid también es nuestra” (2016), “Un día en Casa de Velázquez” (2014) and the documentary short film “La Huertita de Tetuán” (2014). “Tetuaneros” is her first feature-length film as a director.