Tenere: Mapping the Desert

The film lyrically explores differing attitudes towards the ‘cultural landscape’ of the Libyan Sahara held by a group of European visitors to the region as well as the Tuareg ‘locals’ who guide them. Experimentally filmed and edited, it explores the extent to which we can seek to record the natural environment as a scientific domain, and what this means for the people who live there. The film was made within the context of an Oxford University archaeology trip researching the rock art of the area.

Ed Owles

Ed Owles is self-shooting documentary director based in London. For the last 5 years he has been working with the award-winning independent production company Native Voice Films, and has made films for U.K. broadcast, arts & cultural organizations and NGOs around the world. He also co-founded Postcode FIlms, a collective of visual anthropologists delivering bespoke paricipative film workshops to young people and community groups. He is an Associate Tutor in Ethnographic Film at Goldsmiths University, University College London and University of East Anglia.