TB in Town 2

We take you to Town 2, a lovely community situated in one of the biggest and most violent townships of South Africa. Life here is all about surviving. Do you have enough food, is it warm enough, is it safe? Death is continuously lurking, has become part of every-day life. What if you suddenly get infected with tuberculosis? A curable disease, yet of which so many people have died already. A disease that easily spreads through the air. Do you go to the clinic where they run a well-resourced tuberculosis programme, take that free medication, and fight for your life? What if the side-effects of treatment are so strong that you are afraid to lose your mind? What if you need to eat in order to deal with this toxic medication, but you do not have food? How do you survive?

Lianne (A.L.) Cremers

Lianne (A.L.) Cremers is a visual medical anthropologist from the Academic Medical Center and the University of Amsterdam. She did a PhD about Patients’ experience with tuberculosis and healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, she worked for various Global Health organizations, such as Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the AIDS Foundation. Her areas of expertise are interdisciplinary research, ethnography, visual methods, infectious disease, and community-based care. Currently, she is working on a new visual anthropological project about podoconiosis in Ethiopia.