“Stationed” is a short documentary film about a group of young Africans who decide to leave their homes and families in an effort to secure a better life in Europe. We meet them stationed in an abandoned train wagon in Athens, Greece, reconsidering their decision and still dreaming. They talk about their life in their “new home” in Europe, the reasons they are there, their expectations and their dreams in an era where dreaming has become a luxury, in a crisis-hit country with not only a long-run history of migration but also, as the 21st century has already promised, a long-term future of migratory movements of people pursuing dreams and escaping nightmares.

Stefania Giannikou

Stefania Giannikou is a Greek filmmaker. She attended the German School of Athens, studied Chemical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and Anthropology and Ethnographic Filmmaking at UCL (University College London). She is currently working on her new film “”Symbiotic””.