Dream palace, temple of excess, or something totally different? The movie exposes closing hours and night time heartbeat of a Tallinn shopping mall – a place built to entertain and mirror the world. The ambiguity of the camera gaze and the immersive soundscape will confront the viewers with a raw materiality of fleeting encounters, circulatory systems and gradually transforming atmosphere. The dialogue-free sensory ethnography will invite you to question limit between the body and the world in one of the most vibrant urban ecosystems.

Pavel Borecký

Pavel Borecký is an aspiring visual anthropologist, holder of a MSc degree in Sustainable Development, and co-founder of the anthropological research organization Anthropictures. He’s carried out fieldworks in Serbia, Peru and Czech Republic focusing on visual ethnobotany, community building and urban placemaking. Currently, he studies Audiovisual Ethnography at EHI+Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn and collaborates with Estonian Urban Laboratory and Vita Pictura Productions.