Shingal Where Are You?

In 2014, the Yezidi city of Shingal in northern Iraq was conquered by IS who kidnapped 3,000 women. In a deserted coal mine on the Turkish border, thousands of Yezidi refugees wait for a safe return. Through the eyes of an older man, a teenage boy and a family, the film Illustrates the burdens and dilemmas of this persecuted religious minority. Hanging around ruins and fishing pools, children discuss shockingly adult topics, such as the chances of another genocide taking place. Inconsolable, the Havind family talk on the phone with their daughter who reports from the slave camp. The suffering is made all the more palpable when the family visits their city of Shingal, which has been reduced to rubble.

Angelos Rallis

Angelos Rallis is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist who started his career as a theatre play director for ERT and Athens University. He then moved to UK to do research in visual sociology in the Centre for Urban and Community Research. Since then he commenced a long-term project documenting London’s East End emerging cultures and communities. His work has been published in Newspapers, and has been used by press agencies and NGO’s. He has directed the award winning documentary films A Place for Everyone and Shingal Where Are You?