Roma Short Stories

Athanasia, Theodore, George, Chrysoula live and move around Zefiri, Menidi and the surrounding areas. They don’t live in tents and camps anymore, but in a modern urban environment, each according to their abilities. Their children and their grandchildren are trying to get an education. Through stories they tell of their lives, their individual unique character slowly unfolds.They become people with dreams, hopes and disappointments, just like any of us. But also with a very particular heritage. “If you don’t have wings, how will you fly?” Athanasia at some point ponders.

Stavros Psillakis

He was born in Chania in 1954. He stuided Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and Directing at E. Chatzikou School. He’s a scholar of the French state in Paris and he studied Anthropological Film Directing at the Ateliers Varan. He lives in Athens, and he directs and produces documentary films.