Rebel Menopause

“Menopause is when a woman’s life begins!” The 85-year-old Therese Clerc is a militant feminist whose passion for politics and women’s rights has driven her life. The Baba Yaga House, an innovative co-housing project for women over 65, is the latest of her many projects to empower women. “Rebel Menopause” is the intimate portrait of an extraordinary woman and her inspiring ideas on ageing as a ‘time of complete freedom’, presenting a character that resists and overturns the common assumptions, while asserting her creativity and joie de vivre. It, thus, explores issues of sexuality, political involvement, housing and economic independence in older women’s lives, as well as their relationship with the ageing body in a society obsessed with a youthful appearance.

Adele Tulli

Graduated in South Asian Studies at Cambridge University and in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths, Adele Tulli today works as a documentary filmmaker, editor and curator. She is the curator of I Doc Italy, the weekly documentary series organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in London, aimed at showing the best contemporary Italian documentary productions in the UK.