Queer the City

Queer the City is an attempt to navigate through the waters of uncertainty guided by the compass of a question: how do people recognize themselves as queer? By looking through different embodied narratives in Athens, the film meditates on elements of performativity and the interweaving of roles that take distance from normative expectations. Rather than fixedly define, its reflexive lens is steered via the blurs of identity and aspects of the body. Through the practices of dance, drag and BDSM, the film makes an effort to channel the very expressions of the practices, and one that comfortably sits with the ambiguity of queerness, wherein, its potential lies.



Eleni Anagnostopoulou

Received her bachelor degree on sociology at the University of Crete, and currently is a master student at Stockholm University studying social anthropology. At the moment, her academic interests revolve around social movements, urban commons and gender issues. Her experience at the summer school of Ethnofest-NIA, boosted her enthusiasm over ethnographic film-making and has encouraged her to experiment further in the future with visual media.

Nikolaos Tatsakis

A young social scientist and artist from Athens. With awards and pre-experiences in several industries and organizations, he has found his interest and inclination in communication of various means. Among his research interests, he is keen on globalization, feelings, communication and art and last but not least, body and gender. His aim is to bridge the gap between the academy (concerning the social sciences) and everyday life by new means of communication.

Petros J. Siammas

A Cypriot Filipino who first completed his Bachelors in Psychology with Philosophy at Middlesex University in the UK, and furthered his graduate studies in Anthropology at the New School University in the USA under a Fulbright Student scholarship. His curiosities have ranged from substance ab/use, abject spaces, the adult film industry, and queer theory. He enjoys playing with questions of applied anthropology and activism, with a therapeutic twist. Having taken part in the summer school, he has found new excitement in ethnographic film-making and is looking forward to more.