Plateful of Junk

The film is a document about phenomenon called “dumpster diving”, which, in other words, is picking food or other objects from dumpsters behind the supermarkets. People who participate on this activity, are trying to re-use the discarded and often still edible food, and thereby protest against this form of excessive wastefulness. The film follows the story of two Czech students, Vojta and Milan, who share this point of view and they also serve as guides for the filmmakers, who gradually explore the world of dumpster divers and experiencing a transformation of the food from trash into an edible dish.

Adéla Košařová

Adéla Košařová is a postgraduate student of Visual Anthroology. She was responsible for camera and co-directing. The movie was created for the course Audiovisual technology in antropology in West Bohemia University. It had its premiere in January 2015 on czech movie festival called Anthropofest.


Radka Mezníková

Radka Mezníková is former student, protagonist and co-director of the movie.