Out on the Street

Nine men gather for a workshop on a rooftop. There they perform confrontations of everyday life, with the police and at the workplace. In the process, the actors engage a space between the theatrical and the real. This is not a film about workers. The factory is a microcosm, a miniature Egypt.Where better pay or better working conditions are the tip of the iceberg, the film looks into unseen battles, hierarchies and social manipulation, work-caused illness and unjuries and, in severe cases, death. In the film, we see courageous and strong people, who dare to face their bosses. These workers risk being demoted, losing their jobs or being beaten by police, military or hired thugs, arrested or tried before military tribunals.

Philip Rizk

A filmmaker and writer based in Cairo, Egypt. Rizk studied Philosophy and Anthropology and has been working in video since 2008. He is a member of the Mosireen media collective. Rizk’s films have been screened at numerous festivals including the Berlin Biennale and IFFR.

Jasmina Metwaly

A visual artist and filmmaker based in Cairo, cofounder of the 8784 project and a founding member of Mosireen video collective. She is interested in the points of intersection/division between single-channel image, video and documentary filmmaking. Metwalyʼs work has been exhibited at international art venues and festivals.