Other Fire

A sensorial record of the affinity´s relations with the fire in the conservation of the Cerrado (Brazilian savannah). In the company of locals hired to act as “fire rangers” and, more recently, as “management agents”, the film explores the effects of fire beyond the discursive dimension. In addition to portraying the fight against wildfires and fire-against-fire, the short film provides another portrait of the fire, in which the fire itself is portrayed as an other. In this way, the cinematographic experiment points to a “more than human” film anthropology, in which environmental forces such as heat, vegetation, wind and humans form a tension between the uncertainty and the control.

Guilherme Moura

Guilherme Moura is an Anthropologist, holding a Ph.D. from the Postgraduate Program in Social Anthropology of the University of Brasilia (UnB) and member of the Laboratory of Anthropology of Science and Technology (LACT / UnB). Currently, he conducts research about the modes of existence of the fire in the Cerrado (brazilian savanna). He has experience in the field of visual anthropology, highlighting his photographic essays and two short films on the relations between humans and fire in the context of the anthropocene.