Notes From The Underground

“Notes from the Underground” is a film about those who work on the London Underground. Unlike many other European city transport systems where technology prevails, here many tasks are still performed by people as opposed to machines. However, on this, the oldest and busiest public transport network in the world, the workers often go unnoticed. The film will explore a nowadays rarely visible part of this mammoth machine: the people who run it. And no other place would lend itself to this visual form of documentary, other than the crowded microcosm of the Tube.

Lukas Demgenski

Lukas Demgenski has worked in the TV and Film industry since 2004, as a lighting cameraman for documentary films after studying Social Anthropology in Berlin, and Foreign Languages and Film in London. More recently he started taking on the role of director of photography on short and experimental films, and his work was shown during the London Short Film Festival and Cannes Short Film Festival, among others.