Original and visually daring, NORMAL is a genre-bending documentary that reflects on how female and male identities are performed in everyday interactions, through a collage of immersive scenes filmed all over Italy. Capturing some of the most iconic moments in people’s life, from birth to adulthood, NORMAL reveals how our gender defines us in most of the things we do, affecting our gestures, desires, behaviours, and aspirations. At the gym or at the beach; in a disco or in a church; at funfairs, public parks and beauty centres: NORMAL explores the collective choreographies of gender in ordinary and familiar situations,resulting in a ballet of moving images that depict the events while simultaneously meditating on their significance. Do we live in a world of constant performance? With its open form and contemplative pace, NORMAL offers a riveting experience into the spectacle of gender in everyday life, inviting the audience to question and unravel the very idea of normality.

Adele Tulli

Graduated in South Asian Studies at Cambridge University and in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths, Adele Tulli today works as a documentary filmmaker, editor and curator. She is the curator of I Doc Italy, the weekly documentary series organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in London, aimed at showing the best contemporary Italian documentary productions in the UK.