Noise That Brings Money

At the Blacksmith market in Maroua, in the Far North region of Cameroon, the hammers clang all day long. Here, the local blacksmiths turn scrap iron into objects for everyday use. Car bodies become wheelbarrows, truck wheels are transformed into ploughs, and smaller pieces of scrap iron end up as spoons. The film is a portrait of Abakar, a young creative blacksmith pursuing his dream to modernize his workshop and establish a blacksmith enterprise. Following Abakar at his workshop, at home with his family, at the meetings and exhibitions, “Noise That Brings Money” presents a persistent struggle of an individual to fulfill his dreams by bringing seemingly unusable pieces of iron back to life.

Konrad Pilot

Konrad Pilot was born in Poland in 1984. He studied Social Anthropology, with Philosophy and Religion Studies as minors, at the LMU in Munich, Germany and Visual Anthropology in Tromsø, Norway. “”Noise That Brings Money”” is his first film.