Mr. President

63-year-old Arif Salih Kırdağ is a nationalist politician. His main goal is to preserve the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus established with the support of Turkey. He ran for mayor, deputy and president 12 times and never succeeded in getting elected. He strongly believes that he will succeed the 13th time he runs as a president candidate. The basis of his belief is mainly the interest in his campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The election campaign videos he uploads on the Internet are watched by thousands of people and he is certain that the youth especially will support him, not being aware that this interest is in fact a mockery. His dream is to become a politician like Recep Tayyip Erdogan since he is strongly impressed by Erdogan’s power.

Orhan Eskiköy

Orhan Eskiköy founded Perisan Film in 2009 together with Özgür Dogan in order to make creative films. “On the Way to School” (2009), which they co-directed, was their first feature documentary film. It was supported by the Sundance and selected to many prestigious festivals worldwide. “On the Way to School” was a big success in Turkey with various international festival awards and with almost 100,000 admissions at the box-office.