Me ant the Others

The documentary describes the last year of operation of the Zanneio Child Care and Education Foundation, which has made a significant contribution since 1874. While recording the daily life in the Institution, we meet the children, their educators and all the people employed at the foundation which, after 130 years, we encounter at its prime. In 2013, amid the economic crisis, the board of directors decided on the cessation of activity of Zanneio. Today most of the Child Care Institutions in Greece are in critical situation and face many problems. Zanneio is the first one to be shut down.

Thelyia Petraki

Thelyia Petraki graduated from the California Institute of the Arts (BA film/video) and got her Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology from UCL, UK. In 2012 she directed the short film “”Pray”” and “”Me and the Others”” is her first documentary.