Luiz da Rocha

A portrait of the centenarian coffee shop Luiz da Rocha, in Beja, a small city in the Alentejo region of Portugal, focused in his workers and costumers, the production and degustation of sweet and salty specialties, the preparation and consumption of hot and cold drinks, and the architecture and furniture of the establishment. Following the cafe’s daily routines, the film stresses the workers’ skilled manual labour, the homemade manufacturing and the familiar relationships.

Inês Mestre

Inês Mestre was born in 1982 in Portugal. She studied Social and Cultural Anthropology and Documentary Film, and is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the Nova University of Lisbon and Universitary Institute of Lisbon. She is a member of the Visual Anthropology and Art Laboratory of the Network Centre for Research in Anthropology (Portugal).